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American college student Lena is thrilled to extend her time in England when, after a semester of study abroad, her new best friend, the mysterious and alluring Lady Persephone Windham, invites her to spend the summer at Ravenser Park, her family’s ancient countryside estate. It quickly becomes clear, however, that all is not as it appears at Ravenser, and as Lena struggles to navigate the strange world of the modern day British nobility, she finds herself embroiled in nefarious schemes, intense love triangles, and a secret quest to uncover the truth behind a mysterious and deadly car crash more than two decades previously. The lines between history, fantasy, and reality begin to blur, and before long, the fate of Ravenser and everyone Lena has met there hangs in the balance.



The Hillside School is not like other high schools. Perched on an idyllic, horse trail-covered hilltop on a Southern California peninsula, it boasts rigorous academics, top-notch extracurriculars, and a track record of having at least one alum make the Forbes 30 Under 30 each year. Oh, and eleven years ago, a senior girl disappeared from campus in broad daylight a few weeks before graduation, never to be heard from again. The rest of the class of 2010 has long since moved on to the illustrious careers a Hillside education promised them, but when another senior girl vanishes the week of their long-awaited, pandemic-delayed reunion, four unlikely alums band together to find out the truth behind the disappearances--and whether Hillside really is the magical place they remember.

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