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Pilots and Features

Spaceship Landing on Earth

Others (Pilot)

On Labor Day 1969, dozens of people across Berkshire County, Massachusetts reported encounters with a UFO, including several teens who independently claimed to have been taken aboard. Set against the backdrop of one of the most eventful years in modern American history, Others is a coming-of-age sci-fi adventure following two girls and the group of teen misfits they assemble on their journey to find out what really happened the night aliens descended upon the Berkshires.

City Lights

Girl Robin (Feature)

Things are going well for Gotham City teenager Stephanie Brown: her super-villain dad is safely behind bars, her boyfriend, Tim, is Batman’s sidekick, and she’s planning the most badass Prom Gotham Academy has ever seen. But when Tim goes missing, Stephanie’s life is upended, and there’s only one way she can save the boy she loves: take up the mantle of Robin herself.

Based on DC Comics characters.

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