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Plays and Musicals

Forest Trees

The Moss Maidens (Play)

7 F (6 late teens-20s, 1 40s), 1 M (20s-30s), Silent Ensemble of Flexible Size

The year is 1941 and Isa, Rini, Silke, Helena, and Floor are five ordinary teenage girls living in a midsized Dutch town. They spend their days gossiping about their classmates, dreaming about their futures, and trying not to catch the eye of any of the Nazis that have taken up residence in their town. But when Rini, the romantic of the group, takes a walk in the woods with a Nazi who she’s hoping might be secretly a Resistance fighter and also her soulmate and sort-of-accidentally ends up killing him, the girls discover that they’re the last people anyone would ever suspect when harm befalls members of the invading army, and a new branch of the Resistance is born.

Read more about the play in NY Jewish Week, Moment, and New Voices Magazine.

2024 Finalist for the Lanford Wilson New American Play Festival

2024 Semi-Finalist for the National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center

2023 Honorable Mention for the Parity Development Award

2023 Staged Reading at Loading Dock Theatre (dir. Allison Taaffe)

2023 Finalist for the Jane Chambers Prize

2023 Semi-Finalist for the Princess Grace Award

2023 SheNYC Summer Theater Festival (dir. Daniella Caggiano)--Best Play, Best Ensemble

Stained Glass

The Making and Breaking of Glass (Play)

2 F, 3 M, 1 Any Gender (all late teens-mid 20s)

A single-play retelling of Sophocles’ Theban Trilogy focused on the younger generation: Antigone, Ismene, Polynices, Eteocles, and Haemon. Covering events spanning from the beginning of Oedipus Rex to the end of Antigone, The Making and Breaking of Glass follows the First Family of Greek Tragedy, still rulers of the ancient city of Thebes but styled after characters on a CW teen melodrama, as their carefree, privileged world is torn apart first by a plague and then by in-fighting and revolution.

2022 Semi-Finalist for the National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center

2022 Semi-Finalist for SheNYC Summer Theater Festival

2022 Semi-Finalist for Lanford Wilson New American Play Festival

2023 Staged Reading at The Uptown Collective (dir. Britt Berke)

The City of Ember (Musical)


Large Ensemble

Based on the beloved young adult novel by Jeanne DuPrau, The City of Ember tells the story of a city that is the only light in a world of darkness. For hundreds of years, a generator nestled in the tunnels deep below the city has kept the lights on and a labyrinth of storerooms has provided everything the citizens could need. But now, the generator is failing and the storerooms are running low, and everyone seems to be in denial about the city's imminent demise--everyone, that is, except for two teenagers, hot-headed Doon and dreamer Lina. But can they work together to find a solution and save their people before it’s too late? Part call to action and part cautionary tale, The City of Ember uses an idiosyncratic, mellotron-based chamber pop score to deliver a parable of greed, environmental disaster, good people doing nothing, and the bravery it takes to save a society on the brink of collapse.

Music by Stephanie Meyers, lyrics by both of us.

2022 Finalist for the Orchard Project Adaptation Lab

2023 Selection for Tofte Lake Center's Individual Artist Residency

The Cardioluthier (Play)


4 Any Gender (2 20s-30s, 2 30s-40s)

The Cardioluthier follows two couples as they struggle to understand the mechanics of the human heart... which, in their world, happens to look like a miniature violin. Dakota, a cardioluthier responsible for the creation of custom violin hearts, is perfectly content to remain removed from the people their work benefits until the mysterious Sam commissions a heart for their sister and forces Dakota to consider the implications of their inability to make an unbreakable heart. Thirty years later and miles away, another cardioluthier, Morgan, who fixes broken hearts for a living, is forced to confront their personal demons when their ex, Jamie, demands that they fix the heart they broke. As one couple falls in love, the other rediscovers why they couldn't, and all four gain new perspective on the joys and consequences of love.

2012 Production at The Blank Theatre's Young Playwrights Festival (one act version, dir. Michael Matthews)

2013 Workshop at Wesleyan University (dir. S. Dylan Zwickel)

2013 Workshop at Kirkland Art Center (dir. Nick Orvis)

2018 Staged Reading at The Blank Theatre's Living Room Series (dir. Adam Chambers)

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Broken City (Musical)

Large Ensemble

Set in a violent and mystical metropolis, Broken City uses a percussive and eclectic score to tell the story of a young woman named Noa, who impersonates a legendary mud creature in an attempt to inspire her people to fight back against the oppression they've been facing. When things do not go as planned, she and her brother Daniel end up on opposite sides of a war and must choose between loyalty to their cause and loyalty to each other, until one is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice to fix their beloved city.

Music by Melissa Miles; to listen to demo tracks featuring my lyrics, please click here.

2016 Reading at NYU's Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program (dir. Gina Rattan)

2016 Reading at Monday Theatre Company (dir. Gina Rattan)

To read any of these works, please visit my NPX Profile.

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